Bikini Experts

In this section you can get an overview about our Icons & Professionals and Bikini Experts due to the topic bikini and swimwear.


Icons & Professionals

"Icons & Professionals" means world popular experts regarding the topic bikini & swimwear who are supporting us in our unique project "BikiniARTmuseum".



Ghislaine Rayer

Ghislaine Rayer, with her associate Patrice Gaulupeau, is a collector and historian expert specialized in swimwear, lingerie and corsets. For over 20 years, she bought, collected and exhibited rare, historical and symbolic items in those three fields.

She is the co-owner of a private collection, best known as «Nuits de Satin». Each item of this collection (more than 5000 textile pieces, hundreds of archive pictures, advertisings, catalogues, etc…) is in mint condition and is nowadays one of the largest in the world (including museums) and traces mainly: the history of swimwear from the 40s to the 80s (with a special focus on Louis Reard, creator of Bikini) and the history of lingerie and corsets from 1820 to 2000.

Ghislaine Rayer is also the co-author of the book: Bikini, la légende

Patrice Gaulupeau

Patrice Gaulupeau, French graduate of « Beaux Arts » School, was a producer and video/TV during 20 years before becoming a fashion historic collector specialized in lingerie and beachwear from 1870. In association with Ghislaine Rayer, they are the owner of a huge private collection more known as « Nuits de Satin » and with which they organize many exhibitions in Europe as well as in USA or China. He has acquired a vast knowledge of the history of the swimsuit and co-wrote the book "Bikini, the Legend".

In addition, Patrice opened a gallery specialized in Street Art and also publishes art books.

Jürgen Kraft

Jürgen Kraft has been a passionate collector of all kinds of rare items relating to swimwear for about 25 years.

Living at the coastal resort Ahlbeck on Usedom Island, he started to focus strongly on the bathing culture at the beach of Usedom at an early stage in his life. Jürgen Kraft is the owner of historically valuable swimsuits, bikinis, swimming trunks, postcards and all sorts of things relating to the bathing culture. In addition, he has acquired a vast knowledge of the German history of swimwear.

His intention is to maintain rarities and knowledge of the bathing culture in the long term. 

Dr. Christine Boydell

Dr. Christine Boydell is Senior Honorary Research Fellow at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK where she lectured for seventeen years. She is a design historian with a special interest in the history of twentieth century fashion and textiles and has published widely on these subjects.

Christine has curated a number of exhibitions including ‘Horrockses Fashions: Off the Peg Style in the ’40 and ‘50s’ at the Fashion & Textile Museum, London (2010) and ‘Taking the Plunge’ an exhibition devoted to the history of swimwear at the Snibston Discovery Museum, Leicestershire (2013-14) and ‘Riviera Style: Resort and Swimwear Since 1900’ at the Fashion & Textile Museum, London (2015).

She has worked as a consultant for Leicestershire Museums and Keele University. 


Ursula Templin

Ursula Templin looks back on a successful career as a fashion designer. After her formation at the
plastic art school in Hannover, she worked for decades for International companies such as
Heinzelmann, Jantzen and Triumph as chef fashion designer for beach- and swimwear.
Furthermore, she designed entire collections for women’s tops.
After over 30 years of profession life, she began to study art history and cultural anthropology at
the University of Regensburg. Currently, she is making aquarelle paintings and volunteering at
social projects in Regensburg.

Magda Cotrofe

Magda Cotrofe, is a famous brazilian model, actress and journalist. Considered muse of 80’s, she received the title of precursor of the bikini style “Fio Dental” that marked a decade. She had her own brand of bikini called Ki-Tanga.
Magda contributed to the history of the bikini in Brazil with many advertising campaigns, books and exbitions.

Katerine Torregrosa

Katerine Torregrosa is a swimwear designer born in Barranquilla, Colombia in 1990. She moved to United States in 2011 to pursue her studies at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where she won mention for “most marketable concept” in 2013. She founded the brand The Velvet Party ( in 2014 where she offers customized swimsuits, bodysuits, tops and skirts made-to-order at her studio in Miami.

The Velvet Party has been featured in various digital publications and recently contributed to the dancer's wardrobe at music award ceremonies like BET Hip Hop awards and Latin Grammy. 

Janara Morenna

Janara Morenna is a fashion designer, illustrator and researcher specializing in beachwear in Brazil. She is a pioneer in the subject at the doctoral level. The bikinologist became interested in the subject when she worked on a social project teaching participants how to grow bikini brands. She was the producer and creator of many fashion events and won awards for the Pontifícia Catholic University, IEL and Firjan (Industrial Federation of Rio de Janeiro). Janara wanted to go deeper into the subject, so she started her pHD on the evolution of beachwear in Rio de Janeiro culture and the relationship between body and design along the evolution of beachwear. Currently she contributes as an independent researcher of the museum with a focus on Brazilian subjects.

Angelika Zwerenz

With the DIRNDLPUNK collection Angelika Zwerenz gives “Tracht” - a traditional style from Bavaria - a stylish and hip image and brings new momentum into the old-fashioned and traditional style. Celebrities such as the American superstars Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, and reality star Patricia Blanco are fans of this new fancy fashion look.

The creation of innovative styles and fascinating performances has already made Angelika Zwerenz internationally famous. In 1999 she created the famous Latino style and the show of the singer Lou Bega and the world hit "Mambo No. 5". This song remains until today the most successful german music production in abroad of all times.

As a style icon, she is also a presenter of glamorous events and a jury member of important beauty and model contests.

"Gidget" - Kathy Kohner-Zuckerman

Kathy Kohner (*1941) is a famous surfer and model for the character "Gidget" in the eponymous novels by her father, Frederick Kohner. In the 1950s she spent three years surfing at Malibu Beach. Inspired by the stories Kathy told and after perusing her diaries, Frederick Kohner wrote "Gidget: The Little Girl with the Big Ideas" and sold over 500,000 copies worldwide. In 1959 Columbia Pictures made a film based on this novel and starring Sandra Dee. Two others followed: “Gidget Goes Hawaiian” and “Gidget Goes to Rome.” After that, the TV series “Gidget” with Sally Field was aired, followed by the TV movies “Gidget Gets Married”, “Gidget Grows Up”, “Gidget’s Summer Reunion” and in the 1980s the TV series "The New Gidget".

Although she did not really surf again until 2001, she continued to get in touch with her surfing companions – very influential surfers from her time in Malibu, such as Miki Dora, Mike Doyle and Tom Morey. In 2011 Kathy was immortalized as "Woman of the Year" on the Surfing Walk of Fame in Huntington Beach, California.

Helô Pinheiro

Heloisa Eneida Menezes Paes Pinto Pinheiro, or just Helô Pinheiro (*1945) is a Brazilian model, actress, businesswoman, journalist and TV-host. She is famous for being the muse of Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes for the song “Garota de Ipanema” (later “Girl from Ipanema”). The song was composed when Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes saw the 17-year old Helô at the beach.

Beate Berger

Beate Berger (*1959) is a German journalist with focus on culture and fashion. She writes for different magazines and newspapers like Vogue, Glamour, Brigitte and in the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung. Beate Berger is the author of “Bikini – Eine Enthüllungsgeschichte”, the most important book in German language about bikini history.

Micaela Sabatier

Micaela Sabatier is a very successful German female entrepreneur who knows how to plan and organize unique and extravagant fashion shows. With respect to her agency “The Show” she creates numerous fashion events for large international corporations and all these events tell their own stories in a creative and authentic way. Furthermore, she is the owner of the fashion label “0941” – at this she attaches great value to high-grade and sustainable production, which adds extra exclusivity and significance to her modern, sporty and elegant looks.

Bikini Expert Ranking

The BikiniARTmuseum should be an open process, influenced by all enthusiastic swimwear supporters.

All those, who sometimes or on a regular basis gave us relevant pieces of information, advice or any hint, elaborate important topics or obtain historical material for the museum, will be listed in the Bikini Expert Ranking. 

Each supporter can get one to five stars, depending on the amount and importance of their provided assistance.



Mayra Gonzalez




Miami Vintage


Rose da Silva


Rio de Janeiro


Swimwear Expert


*** Claudio Monteiro de Barros Rio de Janeiro


Bikini History

Rio Events


Paloma Monteiro de Barros


Rio de Janeiro


Swimwear Expert

Bikini History

*** Michael Stocks Rio de Janeiro

South America

Bikini History


Alexander & Christine Meimer




Swimwear Expert

Bikini History

* Josa Glück Berlin


Bikini History

* Caio Leitão Rio de Janeiro


Rio Carneval & Samba


Isabelle Stock



Bikini History

Bikini, Sports & Lifestyle


Cary Weiss

 Los Angeles



* Michael Zorn Augsburg


Bathing Cap Collection