Welcome to the world's first BikiniARTmuseum




As a global innovation, the BikiniARTmuseum is equally attractive to all ages and genders.

It is an informative, cultural, artificial and highly entertaining event.

The sections history and move stand for the entire global history, as well as for current international events of the commercial swimwear industry and the private lifestyle.

The aim is to establish a BikiniARTmuseum at famous beaches or fashion metropolises, of which some are shown on the cover page.

The company RIPE 1816 GmbH is developing the first swimwear museum in the world at the moment - the “BikiniARTmuseum“.

It will have been implemented by the end of 2019. Currently we are doing a lot of research and we are collecting appropriate material, while constantly developing extraordinary ideas.

A number of well-known “Bikini Experts” help us with this matter. It is very easy to find further supporters, as the idea of a BikiniARTmuseum is simply fascinating and electrifying.





History, ART and move

The BikiniARTmuseum will have a trisection with this three powerful focuses.

The section History is going to tell the story of bikinis with the help of pictures, movies and as a matter of course with a lot of exhibition pieces. Furthermore, all current and also historical books about swimwear will be analyzed and summaries of new historic aspects will be shown.

ART is a collection of art with exhibition pieces, such as paintings, sculptures, and photographic art as well as specialties such as a perfectly staged „bathing machine“.

move symbolizes the contemporary, extensively conceived swimwear-scene. Meaning everything around bikini-hotspots with beaches, clubs, exhibitions and shops, bikini-fashion-shows and new swimwear-collections, events, lifestyle-news, video clips and bikini-sports-competitions.


Furthermore a sub-museum with a unique bathing cap collection belongs to the BikiniARTmuseum as well.



The Real Estate Concept


Limited licenses for a BikiniARTmuseum

The “BikiniARTmuseum” guarantees a limited number of licenses internationally. The sites are located at world-famous beaches, such as Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro), Miami Beach (Miami), Venice Beach (Los Angeles) or Côte d’Azur (St. Tropez) or in high fashion-metropolises such as Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, Dubai or New York.


Flexible Concept

The product “BikiniARTmuseum” has a set core concept. However, above and beyond the “established” core concept, it can vary in size, equipment and quality. Therefore it can be adapted to the specific circumstances in each location (an individual concept). For example: A museum building containing a theatre with daily and nightly entertainment shows.


Upper Level Real Estate Investment

Licensees are entrepreneurs or organizations that want to run a BikiniARTmuseum venture motivated by their passion for the concept as well as pecuniary gains. Additionally, it is the perfect component to upgrade major real estate projects with something spectacular such as shopping malls, convention centers, hotel resorts or leisure parks (offering only a few examples). The BikiniARTmuseum is designed to have lasting customer magnetism, image factor and profitability in all aspects. A creation with our concept characteristics is absolutely extraordinary.

Integrating  a BikiniARTmuseum is not only envisioning a regional, but also a supra-regional unique landmark.

The cover page shows famous beaches and metropolitan areas in which it would be very convenient to establish a BikiniARTmuseum in the near future.