Bikini Books

Author:        Patric Alac
Publisher:     Parkstone Press/Kroemer (2002)
Language:    German
Pages:           215


Der Bikini - Geschichte, Mode und Skandal

Patrik Alac, der Autor dieses Buches, schreibt erstmals die vollständige Geschichte des Bikinis, in der auch die Veränderung der Rolle der Frau in der Gesellschaft deutlich sichtbar wird, die ihren Körper ganz anders wahrzunehmen beginnt und die Gleichstellung der Geschlechter fordert.

Die umfassende Bildauswahl versammelt Dokumente aus über 50 Jahren, vom ersten Bikini 1946 bis zu den neuesten Kollektionen der großen internationalen Modeschöpfer.


Bikini Books

Author:        Lena Lenček, Gideon Bosker
Publisher:     Chronicle Books (1989)
Language:    English
Pages:           152


Making Waves – Swimsuits and the Undressing of America

"Making Waves" is the revealing story of how skin went public in America. The swimsuit – more than any other type of clothing – is an item of fantasy and a challenge to daring fashion designers. Making Waves explores every aspect of the design and manufacture of swimwear and delves into the psychological and social roots of swimsuit styles and their appeal. Lavishly illustrated with over a hundred photographs, lithographs, and drawings, this delightful book chronicles the evolution of swimsuits from the nineteenth century to the present day. The contemporary and historical illustrations include provocative swimwear advertisements featuring the sexy physiques of Hollywood stars Marilyn Monroe, James Garner, and Ronald Reagan; swimsuit pinups in a book for the first time, a dazzling selection of swimsuit photographs from Sports Illustrated's annual tribute to the female form. Making Waves offers an important insight into American culture and is a must for anyone interested in American fashion and design.


Author:        Sarah Kennedy
Publisher:     Carlton Books (2007)
Language:    English
Pages:           304


The Swimsuit - A History of Twentieth-Century Fashions

”The Swimsuit – A History of Twentieth-Century Fashions” gives a chronological overview of the history of bathing costume and celebrates this unique garment in all its manifestations. Revealing such influences as fashion trends, the motion-picture industry, advertising, sports, and travel, the book casts a backwards glance at the link between society and style. Special features on the swimsuit in the beauty pageant, the birth of the bikini and calendar girls and pin-ups punctuate this book about bikini history.


Author:        Ghislaine Rayer, Patrice Gaulupeau
Publisher:     Éditions Michel Lafon (2016)
Language:    French
Pages:           189


Bikini - La Légende

70 years ago a small French invention revolutionized fashion history. From 1946, millions of women started to wear a garment called Bikini at beaches all over the world. In this book the French fashion specialists in lingerie and swimwear Ghislaine Rayer and Patrice Gaulupeau cover the variable history of the Bikini, but also the time and developments before the Bikini. This book gives a very detailed and precise overview of the development of the history of swimwear until today. Many historical and current photos underline the interesting statements and topics of this book in an extraordinary manner.

If you are interested in this, a short trip to Lyon is recommended. Until the 24th of July you can visit the exposition “Les 70 ans du Bikini” curated by Ghislaine Rayer. In the focus of the exhibition in La Sucrière , 49-50 Quai Rambaud, Lyon, is the history of the Bikini and its 70th anniversary this year.



Author:       Beate Berger
Publisher:    marebuchverlag (2004)
Language:   German
Pages:           272


Bikini - Eine Enthüllungsgeschichte

It was the 1st of July 1946 when the US-Army made a nuclear bomb test over a small Pacific atoll. Only four days later a former engineer blew up another kind of “bomb”. He namely introduced a garment, which only consisted of four small triangles. In relation to the location of nuclear bomb testing he just named his invention “Bikini”.

Culture journalist and fashion expert Beate Berger explains the impressive success story of a highly erotic textile: She treats scandals in the time of Adenauer, developments from the swinging sixties, the bikini as weapon in the history of women in the 80s and super model's clothing at the turn of the millennium.

Author:        Kelly Killoren Bensimon
Publisher:     Assouline Publishing (2006)
Language:    English
Pages:           399


The Bikini Book

Sexy and scandalous, the bikini heralded a revolution in swimwear and the perception of the female form. This lavish volume lays bare the history of the bikini, from its first appearance on French beaches in 1946 to the vanishingly small strings of today. Here are: Hollywood's pinups of the 1950s; James Bond girls rising up from the sea; Raquel Welch, Annette Funicello and other icons of film; Brigitte Bardot, topless in St Tropez; the itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny styles of the 1960s; the monokini, tankini, bandini and V-kini. It may be strappy or sporty, sexy or slinky – but the bikini is always about beauty.