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provocative  and  so  feministic

Experience the world's first swimwear community in the Lifestyle Museum

GRAND OPENING GALA - January 04th, 2020

Music by
DAKID - Star-DJ, Rio de Janeiro
JOHNNY - BAM Theme, Miami Beach
MARKUS Engelstädter & Band - BAM Show
RUTH Megary - Grand Dame „Summertime“

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The unique find of a forbidden beauty writes bikini history

The BikiniARTmuseum on the trail of an emotional history of Jewish refugeesAlso published in BILD and the free press.

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The mega-success from California comes to the BikiniARTmuseum!

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Your BikiniARTmuseum

Immerse yourself in the promising and aesthetic combination of art and swimwear!


A journey through time through three centuries and all continents.


Whether paintings, photographic art or sculpture - surprising rarities and unique pieces from all over the world to marvel at.

Move & ENtertainment

Let yourself be taken in by media productions and diverse interactive opportunities to participate.

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Discover over 1,000 irreplaceable exhibits in a multimedia journey through time around the globe.

Latest Causes


Summer, beach, swimming trunks and also love - we awaken strong emotions and your most beautiful memories!

About the BikiniArtMuseum

Well-founded, informative and researching, enwrapped by visionary design and electrifying stagings: The BikiniARTmuseum (BAM) is the world's first museum dedicated exclusively to the history of swimwear.

10 reasons to visit BAM

1. we're a lifeblood museum. 2. supersound & IN music clips guaranteed! 3. over 500 historical and spectacular swimwear items including 8 of the 10 remaining Réard bikinis 4. meet Udo Lindenberg, Otto Waalkes or René Turrek....

guided tours

The bikini code: Track down the protagonists, inventors and trendsetters, as well as the strong women who opposed the pressure of conservative society. Whether as a group trip, class trip or study visit: find your varied program for young and old alike.


DEAN & DAVIDS Lifestyle fresh cuisine, breakfast offers, homemade burgers, café and a regional wine bar. Convince yourself of our culinary restaurant variety and feast on our sun terraces.

Hotels & Arrangements

In the adjacent Best Western Hotel no wishes remain unfulfilled. Learn more about the 97 modern comfort rooms, the DeLuxe-Penthouse and our lucrative arrangements. We are an official partner of the A6 Boulevard - 9 visitor magnets over 50 km.

Pikinni - The Store

Holiday, sun, beach and sea - Our lifestyle collection makes you tingly in a good mood. Everday is summer! Discover 200 Pikinni products.


Colorful installations for your perfect Selfie #myBAM

You want to feel like a star blogger? Decorate your profile with colourful and unique backdrops? Stage yourself and your friends in dozens of installations - in front of one of the biggest surfboards in the world or a mysterious underwater world. Share your snapshots with the international swimwear community and immortalize yourself on the social wall!

Follow us for news about the next influencer meetup, discounts and your next popup installation. What are you waiting for?

xoxo #myBAM

PREMIUM Cultural visitors & groups

Our offers, your advantages - for an unforgettable experience

We love groups! Benefit from exclusive offers and discounts. A visit to the museum with a café & homemade cakes on our sun terrace?feast on the vital breakfast buffet and indulge in the most beautiful holiday memories? An exclusive guided tour through the museum? Whether for a girls' afternoon or a seniors' excursion - we exceed expectations!


Fun & games in the BikiniARTmuseum!

Children are the greatest with us! In addition to our artistically designed children's playground on the open-air grounds, the museum invites children of all ages to join in and be amazed with its many interactive elements! The shaky surf installation has a real surffeeling effect, a 2.50 m tall avatar makes even the smallest children's eyes grow big. After a little refreshment with the Kid's Menu, the digital Malt tables become colourful. Children and Twens expect their own areas and a knowledge and experience parkour: Whoever creates everything gets a reward!

We are looking forward to you!


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What They Say?

Was andere über uns sagen

"I think the BikiniARTmuseum will be really a big big success. It’s so surprising that no one did it up to now. You have museums from everything you could even imagine, and this is so obvious, it’s so feministic, it’s so political in times where people again wear burkas and things like this. It’s really an area with so many art pieces which are not defined - no one did it up to now - your are geniuses."

Art expert in demand worldwide, deeply involved in Miami through museum, university & Art Basel work

„A swimsuit or bikini is a woman's most personal piece of clothing. The world's first BikiniARTmuseum finally gives the swimwear industry as a whole the important historical dimension it deserves.“

2018, voted best swimwear label in 2018

"I was happy to be involved in the concept, as the creation of a swimwear museum has been a long-awaited dream for me. The BikiniARTmuseum will exhibit a unique swimsuits collection with extremely valuable historical items from all over the world.“

Ghislaine Rayer, Paris
Fashion expert, owner of one of the world's largest lingerie and swimwear collection with Patrice Gaulupeau, Author of the book "Bikini, la Légende“.

Bademode ist Freiheit. Menschen, die einen Moment der Freiheit genießen. Wenn eine Frau einen Bikini kaufen möchte, dann denkt sie an Schönstmögliches, hat positive Vibes. Man denkt an Strand, ans Meer, an den Himmel oder an die Liebe.“

Jacqueline de Biase
Salinas Bademode, Owner

„Museum war gestern – BikiniARTmuseum ist heute. Nicht verstaubt, sondern informativ, frech und vor allem hintergründig. Man erfährt viel, wird mit einbezogen und damit bestens unterhalten. Wertvolle Exponate, James Bond lässt grüßen – Lifestyle und Fashion! Geschichte, Geschichten und ein Zukunftskonzept, das herausragt! Ein Museum als angesagter Treffpunkt!“

Michael Stocks
2018, Südamerika-Korrespondent der ARD

Der Bikini ist ein Maß für die Stellung der Frau in der jeweiligen Gesellschaft. Dort wo das weibliche Geschlecht nicht die gleichen Rechte besitzt, wird Frauen immer vorgeschrieben, wie viel Stoff sie beim Baden zwingend anhaben müssen. Verfehlungen werden bestraft."

Harald Klein
German Ambassador in Guatemala and Belize, organiser of a major swimwear show for the 2014 Football World Cup in Rio de Janeiro


Eröffnung am 04. Januar 2020.

Öffnungszeiten werden zeitnah bekannt gegeben.

Montag - Sonntag
10:00 - 20:00
7:00 - 20:00
7:00 - 20:00
7:00 - 20:00
8:00 - 14:00
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World's first Community of Swimwear bietet verschiedene Eintrittskarten an. Für Sonderveranstaltungen und Ausstellungen können zusätzliche Kosten anfallen. Wir möchten unsere Eintrittspreise vertretbar gestalten und allen die Möglichkeit geben, die Faszination des Museum für moderne Kunst zu entdecken. Wir bieten ermäßigte Preise für Mitglieder, Kinder und Rentner an. Sie wünschen mehr Informationen? Kontaktieren Sie uns.



Buchäckerring 42
74906 Bad Rappenau, Germany
+49941280 90 99 3

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