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BikiniARTmuseum feiert Richtfest

14.05.2019 - Das weltweit erste Museum, das sich der Geschichte der Bademode widmet, feiert Richtfest. Der Oberbürgermeister der „Hauptstadt der Bademode“ Sebastian Frei und der Bauherr Alexander Ruscheinsky begrüßten über hundert geladene Gäste. Zu den Bauleuten und Vertretern der Politik mischten sich viele Künstler und Journalisten. 

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Unique opening: The BikiniARTmuseum will soon display the history of the bikini and various different versions of this fashion item.

A ground-breaking ceremony for a special art project is about to happen in the 24-Autohof Bad Rappenau next to the A3 motorway exit: A bikini museum focussing on swimwear in concord with the fashion and lifestyle of the past 100 years. Hereby, the founders suggest that the history of the bikini is closely linked to female emancipation and women’s courage to embrace femininity. Hence, not only will the visually appealing bikini in its various different versions be displayed but the history of women’s ongoing fight for self-determination over their bodies, which has been a struggle for centuries now, will be featured as well.

Who was first: The bikini or the style icon?

The fame of many models and later fashion icons begins in concord with their performances in which they wore swimwear – what used to be considered scandalous back then. Thus, besides exploring the history of the bikini, visitors of the bikini museum will also be able to have a look at movie scenes and photographic footage from many decades that depict models wearing swimwear of numerous different fashion eras. Elaborately staged, icons such as Naomi Campbell or Giselle Bündchen will be presented next to models such as Ursulla Andress or Brigitte Bardot – in movie excerpts, posters or photos with scarcity value.

The idea and implementation of the first bikini museum

On an area of 1500m², all the attractions revolving around the bikini and swimwear in general as well as lifestyle, fashion, culture and history will be offered in an adjacent building on the Autohof Bad Rappenau. The COO of the new museum, Maximilian Lang, approves that the building permission is soon to be issued and the construction is to start in the upcoming months. The meantime will be used to develop a global approach. Thus, a number of teams are doing research in different segments: Besides the conduction of the history from all over the globe and the respective investigations, issues such as constructions and interior design as well as optimum technology are already being discussed as well. A number of electronic features are to put the bikini into perspective. Private individuals, bikini lovers and collectors are approaching Lang with special items offering to make these available for the museum. The overall positive feedback from both the public and the media delights the team of the first bikini museum. Besides providing information, the focus is on the stylish staging of the two-piece. Until the doors will open for visitors, arty people, fashion designers and students or journalists, much creativity is needed to make this unique idea reality. In any case, one may be curious for the opening in 2019.

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