Ursula Andress at "Dr. No" - Click to watch the full bikini scene

In the course of our new blog series “Bikini Trends Over Time” we have recently shown you that bikini trends of the past might as well be popular today, which was impressively proven by bikini trends of the 40s & 50s.

Today we want to focus on bikini trends of the following decades, namely the 60s & 70s.

One legendary bikini scene has been fondly kept in our minds – in the classic James Bond film “Dr. No” from 1962 actress Ursula Andress, who achieved global fame as the very first bond girl, stepped out of the ocean wearing a white belt bikini. As her self-confident appearance was very unusual for a woman back in this time, she created a worldwide hype which contributed to the lasting empowerment of women.

However, not only was the status of women strengthened with this film excerpt, but it also leveraged the bikini! Thus, it became established as an essential fashion accessory on beaches and at swimming pools. Furthermore, Andress made sure that showing oneself in a bikini was permitted on various beaches worldwide immediately after the release of the Bond film, which was not tolerated in many places before.

“The bikini has helped me to success”, Andress once said. Interesting side note: Actually, the beautiful Swiss actress wanted to dispose her original “Dr. No Bikini” after filming – soon after the two-piece, probably the best-known of its kind to date, was auctioned for the sum of 60,000 dollars.

With regard to the bikini scene in the Bond film, it becomes obvious that the “High Waisted” bikini trend of the 40s & 50s, one aspect of which was the belly button being partly or often completely covered, has undergone some changes. Bikini and swim wear designer put more value on designing the bottoms smaller henceforth giving the bikini more attractiveness and sex appeal. During the 1960s the advertisement industry developed the slogan “Sex Sells” which also abruptly influenced the bikini:

This trend found its peak, when fashion designer Rudi Gernreich tried to establish the potentially scandalous monokini in 1964: It consisted of a short, very small bottom leading up until below the ribs, as well as two straps crossing in front of the breasts which left these uncovered.

Another exceptionally extraordinary bikini trend was presented in 1966: Fashion designer Paco Rabanne produced his bikinis from plastic which was meant to make them appear sexy and unapproachable – however, this attempt failed.

During the 1968s movement, along with the miniskirt, the bikini became a fashion must-have which is also generally equal to an emancipatory statement.

What takes some time getting used to nowadays is the trend that haunted us in the course of the 1970s. Not only was special and eye-catching fashion extremely popular during the hippie movement, but the swimwear fashion was also supposed to be as extraordinary and noticeable as possible:

That’s it with the bikini trends of the 1960s & 1970s. We are looking forward to presenting you the fashions of the following decades.

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