We may proudly announce that now, we have opened up an office as well in Rio de Janeiro!

Rio de Janeiro is known for its strong relation to swim wear fashion and is called capital of the bikini all over the world. Various bikini-trends have been established on famous Rio-beaches like Copacabana. In the early 1970ties, for instance, sex symbol Rose di Primo stood in the spotlight for wearing a tanga and, by that, seeding a worldwide trend. The Brazilian model and actress is seen as inventor of the smallest bikini in the world. 

Another it-girl, Helo Pinheiro, owes her world-wide popularity to the city of Rio. As inspiration for the song “Girl from Ipanema”, she reached a giant range of popularity in the 1960ties and sells herself successfully to this day as model, TV- show master, journalist and actress all over the world. By the way, we managed to get this top Brazilian icon to contribute to our museum!

Another famous woman has been rewarded by the city of Rio with a live-size statue of herself in the Bùzios neighborhood, where she regularly spent her vacation: French movie star Brigitte Bardot, who counts into the most influential fashion icons ever. As most popular sex symbol of the 1950ties and 60ties, she essentially influenced the sexual revolution. That way, she also helped the bikini get on its way to slowly be accepted in society. 

Also Leila Diniz, known as “the muse of Ipanema”, fought vehemently for women’s rights. She was named symbol of the feminist revolution in Brazil and was widely attacked in 1971 for wearing a bikini on the beach and having taken pictures of herself while being obviously pregnant and, even more scandalous back then, pregnant and unmarried. It was an earthquake-like scandal in Rio de Janeiro.

Until nowadays, the Brazilian mega city doesn’t cease breathing in cultural air through fulminant world widely famous events such as the carnival of Rio, which counts into the biggest festivals in the world. The bikini is an undeniably important accessory in every carnival parade. 

The “carnival muse” and “carnival front-girl” of Rio, Magda Cotrofe, Brazilian actress and extremely successful model in the 1980ties, helps the BikiniARTmuseum with wisdom and knowledge. She was responsible for the success of swim wear fashion brands such as BumBum Ipanema, BlueMan and the luxury brand Lenny Niemeyer.

Regarding the historically meaningful position of Rio for the development of the bikini trend and the creation of new swim wear fashion trends, we are very delighted ad proud to now be explicitly here on site in the bikini-capital.



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