The BikiniARTmuseum is currently in Rio de Janeiro and we are proud to tell you great news – at world famous Copacabana beach we were able to watch the 73-year old Cidinho Pereira taming the unpredictable waves ot the Atlantic Ocean with his kiteboard.

„Cidinho” has been the head of the bikini label Bum Bum Ipanema for almost 40 years now and he might be one of the most vibrant personalities in the global swimwear industry. The 73-year-old is not only the passionate producer of the "Fio Dental" - a bikini so tiny, it was given the name "dental floss" - but he has been and still is an outstanding water sportsman. Despite his great age, he belongs to the elite of the kitesurfing scene of Rio de Janeiro.

The BikiniARTmuseum interviewed Cidinho, as Bum Bum Ipanema is one of the most historical swimwear labels of South America existing since 1979 with its own stores - amongst which there is also one in Ibiza and a megastore in California.

Cidinho relocated the meeting to his K08 Kite Club and shined in front of our cameras at strong winds with jumps of 6 meters.

The world-famous models have always been working for the swimwear brand.

Cidinho has fantastic historical material in his dispose. ... and since he is amazed by the idea of the BikiniARTmuseum, there will be an extra huge access to it. It has already become clear that Bum Bum Ipanema will enrich the museum immensely!

But why don't you check out their Instagram und Facebook page & see for yourself? :-)


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