With the launch of their new facebook page, our partner – the Best Western Hotel Bad Rappenau – has organized a competition in cooperation with the bathing world Sinsheim.

The lucky winner was able to look forward to one night in the Bikini Cube as well as to a fantastic weekend in the nearby bathing world Sinsheim.

In addition to this, we provided the winner with a BikiniARTmuseum water ball and a retro-style towel.

By the way, the DeLuxe penthouse “Bikini Cube” is in close proximity to the very first BikiniARTmuseum worldwide, which will be inaugurated next year.

Following her unforgettable weekend, we had a little talk with the winner of the competition.


Here is the interview with the winner Michelle from Darmstadt:


          How did you find out about the competition?

Actually, it was by pure chance. I saw the competition through a friend on facebook and decided to enter the competition spontaneously.


          What did you win?

We won one night in the Bikini Cube room of the Best Western Hotel and two tickets for the bathing world Sinsheim.


          How was your first impression?

At first, we were really perplexed and could not believe that we actually won, until we arrived there. Initially, we wanted to spend our free days in Paris but then we decided on Bad Rappenau. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of the last seven years of our relationship.


          What will you remember in particular about your stay in our hotel?

We did not look it up at home, so we were really surprised when we got there. It was a great first impression of the hotel with a very friendly service and staff. The Bikini Cube room was breathtaking and it is really worth recommending for a fantastic experience.

However, the close proximity to the bathing world is also great. It is only a few minutes by car.


          What was the highlight of your visit in Bad Rappenau?

The Bikini Cube room and the vouchers for the bathing world were just about the limit. I have already been there about three weeks ago and really enjoyed it. For my boyfriend it was the first time and he also enjoyed it very much. We will definitely come back.


          What would you recommend in particular in the bathing world Sinsheim? What should no one miss out on?

The extraordinary sauna area is absolutely recommendable – also for non-sauna-goers. There are all in all eight saunas and one steam bath with great infusions and all saunas have different themes. I think we went to almost all saunas on this day and spoilt ourselves very much in general. The outdoor area and the water bar are very beautiful, as well.


The worldwide very first swimwear museum will be built in the immediate vicinity of the Best Western Hotel in the following year, where the history of the development of swimwear and the bikini will be exhibited, as well as interesting and extraordinary artworks and the current beachwear and bikini scene.


          What is your opinion on the idea of a swimwear museum?

It sounds very interesting. I’d be glad to come back to Bad Rappenau and visit the museum. I’m not sure, if it meets my boyfriend’s interests, though.


In order for you to be prepared for your next visit of the bathing world Sinsheim we would like to present you with two of our new and limited BikiniARTmuseum bath towels and a water ball.


Thank you for the interview, Michelle, and enjoy the rest of your day!


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