The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro have already passed into history by now and, slowly but surely, the BikiniARTmuseum team is making its way back home to Germany.

We have already presented our impressions of the first 10 days to you, however, now we would like to give you a little glimpse of our impressions of the remaining Olympic days.

A significant opportunity presented itself to visit the Olympic village "Vilago Olympico", which definitely was a very special highlight for all of us. Believe it or not, we had to overcome four safety levels in order to do this.

Being able to witness and to get to know the athletes outside of the competitions was particularly exciting. We met the Congolese shot-putter Franck Elemba, for instance, who was ranked 4th only one day later and hence only just slightly missed a medal.

The Olympic villages offers various photo motives for oneself to create memories of the major sporting event. Either Rio de Janeiro as the background, or the Olympic fire as an accessory - these photo motives are fairly popular amongst the athletes as well as amongst the visitors and the lovely Brazilian and Bikini ART museum advocate Paloma.

She accompanied us and had herself photographed as well. "Normally many men are looking at me, but with the BikiniARTmuseum - Shirt it is a new experience: Today all men are looking at me, oh I love it", she said with enthusiasm talking about her new achievement.

In the following days we watched many competitions, such as, amongst others, the beach volleyball final between Germany and Brazil which the German team surprisingly won. This was the first time a European beach volleyball team has ever won a gold medal in the history of the Olympics. However, in the final rounds of the canoeists and in the women's soccer match we were able to marvel at additional gold medals - while keeping our fingers crossed for the male soccer team was unfortunately not sufficient for them to win the final.

Strolling around the Copacabana, we visited the Brazilian bikini icon Helô Pinheiro, who was conincidentally just being interviewed by the German TV channel ARD in her swimwear shop Garota de Ipanema. On the same evening she was a guest in the sports studio of the ARD.

Meanwhile our unique project is even being supported by the music industry: In the course of the Olympic Games, the successful German musician Markus Engelstädter toured through Rio together with the Brazilian artists Marco Lobo and Lula Ribeiro - wearing the BikiniARTmuseum shirt!

One of his concerts took place in the German consulate in honour of the German Olympic teams and with his exceptional voice he filled the athletes of all countries in the Olympic village and various other spectators with enthusiasm. He did so in all seven concerts he gave during his 8-day musical journey, which took him to places such as Sao Paulo.

In summary it was a great experience to visit the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro - Special thanks to you for having accompanied us!


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