There is nowhere in the world where you will find a selection of fascinating surfboards and artworks as well as interesting information and stories on the topic of surfing as huge as the selection in the Australian National Surfing Museum.

It is recognised as the world’s largest surfing museum and the home of Australian surfing heritage and beach culture.

We were also on-site and, of course, did not want to miss out on the opportunity to visit this historic museum.

Probably the museum is situated in the best location possible: In the heart of the Australian Torquay, very close to the world-famous surfing beach Bells Beach, a small city called “Surf City” was created, where not only the Australian National Surfing Museum is at home but also world-renowned swimwear and surfing brands such as Rip Curl, Roxy or Billabong.

In the museum the history of surfing and its development throughout the last 100 years is depicted in a very authentic and vivid way, which obviously will raise the pulse of any surfer.

Together with many other surfing-interested visitors we could watch an interesting documentary on the history and the development of surfing in a cinema-like room called “Theatre” which is integrated in the museum.

Many exhibits of the most famous surfers of all time can be found as well. Besides, 185 surfboards are on display in the museum and two of those are especially historical, since they have been used about 100 years ago – at the beginning of surfing history.

Ever since its opening in 1993 the surfing museum has had more than 347,000 visitors!

The museum also launched its Oral History Program, which has recorded the stories of more than 50 significant surfers from around Australia and reached a global audience of more than 150,000 people through our YouTube channel Surfworldtv.

After having gathered lots of new and interesting impressions on the theme of surfing, we had the opportunity to chat with the likeable curator Craig Baird, who wants to support our idea of the world’s first and unique BikiniARTmuseum.

We’re looking forward to getting his support due to the essential theme surfing.

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