Currently a big bikini ad is causing quite a stir at the Marienplatz, in the heart of the city of Munich.

The 114 square meter bikini ad shows supermodel Adriana Lima presenting a really skimpy bikini of the swimwear label Calzedonia.

The Italian fashion brand has set up this huge poster at the center of Marienplatz next to the scaffold of the bookstore “Hugendubel”. It will be fixed there until June 16, 2016.

Although most of the passersby and tourists are pleased about the new city attraction, there are also critical voices from politicians, tourist guides and from the center of equality complaining about hostility towards women and sexist advertising.

However, swimwear manufacturer Calzedonia can be lucky because of the unexpected publicity.

Furthermore, there is a Youtube Spot with today’s birthday girl Adriana Lima regarding the bikini campaign of Calzendonia, which you can be watched by clicking on the following photo. Today Lima is celebrating her 35th birthday.


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