BikiniARTmuseum acquires unique collection of historical Parisian bathing fashion 

Eleven Louis Réard bikinis enrich this nostalgic collection 


Ghislaine Rayer is herself part of the history of the bikini. Together with her partner Patrice Gaulupeau, she owns one of the most important historical collections of swimwear in the world. Exhibitions are presented around the globe by the team. When there is a report on French television about swimwear, Ghislaine Rayer will be included. Right now, over 400 important witnesses of over 100 years of swimwear history, together with a multitude of original documents such as certificates, photos or film posters gathered over the decades, are changing ownership. Through the purchase by the BikiniARTmuseum, which will be opened in 2019 in Bad Rappenau, Germany, the collection which was put together with so much love, will be preserved, a passionate wish of Ghislaine Rayer. 

But that is not the end of the story of Rayer & Gaulupeau, quite the opposite in fact, a carefully formulated contract will even enrich the diversity of exhibitions around the globe. The Swimwear Museum, for which construction will begin in the New Year, already has a comprehensive collection of over 1000 items at its disposal. The new Swimwear Gallery in Bad Rappenau will not be able to display all showpieces simultaneously, so that there will be alternating exhibitions based on specific themes. The contract stipulates that Rayer & Gaulupeau will have access at any time to those items that are not currently being displayed, which will certainly contain historically important items. In this manner, all bikini lovers worldwide, who are not able to visit the museum in Germany, can still enjoy the Swimwear Heritage in future exhibitions from Ghislaine Rayer. 


BikiniARTmuseum Foundation 

Using the BikiniARTmuseum collection for international events is one reason for establishing the BikiniARTmuseum Foundation. In future, the swimwear exhibitions will operate under the name of Rayer & Gaulupeau. A further reason is to convey knowledge and understanding to all. The BikiniARTmuseum will create a central location for the entire body of historical and contemporary knowledge and exhibits from around the world on the subject of swimwear. This archive of the Swimwear Museum is to be available not only to visitors, but to all bikini lovers, be they fashion students or journalists. 



Swimwear expert Ghislaine Rayer and museum director Maximilian Lang signing the cooperation contract.
In the background are Patrice Gaulupeau and the mayor of the city of Bad Rappenau Heribert Blättgen, as well as two original Réard bikinis from the 1940s.